Monday, February 9, 2009

Teas and Coffees. And, Rush!

In the world of hot beverages there really are only two contenders. If you think yerba matte is close, you're off. If you love hot cider, great, that's not on normal folks' radar. You got coffee and tea.

I begin the majority of my weekdays with a hot tea. I've never cared for coffee. The taste, simply, reminds me of a shoe. And, I don't always want the caffeine coffee brings to the shoe-like world in which it resides. Sometimes I just want a hotty that will warm me up and leave my taste buds saying, "yes, i know what's going on here. It's a Tuesday. Peppermint, yo!"

I've included photos for you to admire. Either the photography is akin to an orgy or your souther regions ain't a-workin'!

Several weeks ago while drinking my morning peppermint tea I stumbled on a lil' news story about my favorite conservative talk-show host: Rush. I've taken the liberty of attaching the clip below, so you can enjoy Rush's latest. In it Rush concedes his hope for an Obama failure. If Obama fails doesn't that, too, mean this country fails? Maybe it's just Obama's "socialistic" tendencies that he hopes fail. I'll admit that I don't agree with everything Obama does, but I can tell you that had an analyst on any side of the issue said, "I hope he fails" about Bush that individual would have been clearly labeled, by several of the rights more vitriolic talking heads, "un-American" or "anti-American" faster than you or I could say Joe Ray McCarthy.

I won't do that, because I feel the term, in itself, is un-American when applied to dissent. I think Rush has crossed a line, though. This isn't merely dissent, Rush.

Seriously, who takes this guy seriously? I've also taken the liberty of adding some Bill O'Reilly gems below. Enjoy!

Let me know what you think!

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