Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sissification of the United States

Remember the good ole days? Remember how we, as a nation, would torture our enemies while smoking, and yes inhaling, a cigar in one side of our national mouth all while devouring a bloody 72 ounce steak in the other? Remember when we'd rinse off at our neighborhood pool with DDT? Remember when we could backhand our child in a grocery store without Child Protective Services following us home? Those days are over. America's going to hell!

This is the kind of argument I've heard a lot recently. It's been a constant among close-minded people for some time. Yep, we're a nation of weenies. Collectively, we cannot do a pull-up. We're weak. Defeat is imminent. It's all over!

Here are some examples of what I'm talking about:

Walter Williams, George Mason professor and nationally syndicated weekly commentator for over 140 newspapers, wrote about the sissification of America twice.
Saying, "then again, I'm not a member of America's sissified generation;"
and, "We've become a nation increasingly ruled by emotions and feelings -- in a word, feminized."

Michael Smerconish, author of Muzzled: From T-Ball to Terrorism-True Stories That Should Be Fiction, on the sissification of America part 1

Part 2

In those Michael says the following:

"We've become a nation of sissies. And if you're offended by my use of that word, then you're exactly the person that I'm talking about. You want another example of the sissification of America?"

"And generally, I think that the limp-wristedness -- and that's the only way I can think of to describe it -- that's going on at home, spells weakness in the 'war on terror'"

"Yes. Yes. Root word: 'sissies.' That's what we've become! Hey, Joe, go watch United 93. The only conclusion one can reach in watching that movie is that we must kill these SOBs before they kill us and our kids!"

Okay, Walter Williams commented on the sissification of this country back in 2002, and Michael Smerconish did so in 2006, so this isn't exactly fresh, but I still think it's relevant.

The point is the guys invoke Oprah and Jerry Springer and children's sports (Smerconish says that his children have many trophies. He only ever had four. We're taking the losing out of sports. Thus, we're sissifying America), and even Hollywood to make a shitty, idiotic political point. It's a big fucking leap, dude. If we used Hollywood films for our politic compass, we'd be in bad shape. This guy is suggesting we watch a movie in order to gain further understanding of American foreign policy. No thanks, Michael.

These guys aren't the worst; they're just the most prominent voices against sissies in America. Others state that men taking women's sir names is a form of sissification. Still others suggest political correctness is to blame. Liberals get pointed at, too. Who the hell can we blame?! We must blame someone!

I know why America is sissified - and it has nothing to do with Oprah, Springer, trophies, or movies. It's totally chemical, people! And, we, the writers of Stuff Po, have already voiced our hatred of pesticides.

Recently, America's greatest "news" anchor, Bill O'Reilly suggested the United States is in danger of becoming Sweden. It's a curious argument. If we were Sweden, we'd have outlawed Atrazine in the 1980's. You see, Atrazine, an herbicide, is also an "endocrine disruptor-chemically castrating all male amphibians by stripping them of a key hormone." The United States uses about 80 million pounds of this stuff a year. That's a lot of Atrazine. Now what's more likely to be "feminizing" this country, an abundance of sports' trophies or herbicides (aka toxic chemicals)?

EPA's thoughts on Atrazine

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