Saturday, May 2, 2009

From our Guestington

I just found out that Guinness, among other beers, is made using fish bladders. Did you know this? I'm not the beer drinker I used to be, but this is still very disturbing. The source is reliable-I heard it on NPR (okay, it was a quiz show, but still... Here's a fun Wikipedia link in case you don't care to listen to the whole show).

This is nearly as disturbing as the time we found beef extract listed on a box of Walmart-brand chocolate cake. Actually, what it said was "may contain beef extract," which is even more disturbing.

Sorry if anyone already 'kind of' knew this but not officially and now that I'm officially telling you you have to stop drinking it. I guess I should have put a spoiler alert on this one, but it's too late. Now you know!!!!!!! If you want revenge, you can just share with me one more thing that has gelatin in it. I've found the pretty much everything delicious does. Mmmmm....hooves...

If you're one of those "vegetarians" who eats fish, I also learned (coincidentally from the same quiz show) that recent research by German scientists has revealed that fish do indeed get seasick.

- GR


  1. Guestington does not support the use of Wikipedia as a means of verification of things she tells you. Guestington would appreciate it if you would at least edit her emails to you before posting them. (Guestington hates typos.) And no, I really don't want you to explain twitter to me, but I honestly don't know what it is. I prefer to remain ignorant about as much as possible when it comes to social networking trends.

  2. Okay, I consider grammatical inconsistencies to be a form of typo even more egregious than a spelling error.


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