Tuesday, March 31, 2009


So, after much pleading from members of our church family, we've removed all lewd, shameful, and lascivious content. No longer will you find photos depicting carnal relationships between Stuff Po staff and inanimate objects. It doesn't mean we've curbed the behavior (seriously, have you seen a set of salad forks? Am I right?), but we are now convinced that sharing such content should be reserved to neighbors, our scrapbooking "crew," and those Hispanic guys on the corner. Those dudes have some of the most sensuous vintage rain boots a man could find.

We hope you'll enjoy our posts minus the questionable content. All apologies to our dedicated readers who "need the photos!" We understand. We do.

All minors: No need hiding your love of Stuff Po from those onerous parents anymore. Ask them to read Stuff Po to you at night. No more adult content here. We make for great bedtime reading!

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