Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Friends of the Po

We, the sporadic creators of all things stuff-related, have kind of been lying down on the job. Our pens are literally laying down. It's an uncomfortable place to be in for any anonymous blogger. Because of this, the emergence of one, Ned L., and a friend's phone call who encouraged more posts, we are again motivated to please the throngs of fans that wake each afternoon from their 14 hours of slumber for a goblet of Stuff Po.

We've got our tea and coffee in hand, our deadlines dismissed because of our own hatred of a system beholden to the clock. We're searching for a reason to post, or better yet, not post. All this power is something we're not accustom to, so for the next 6.5 months we set the rules. At that point, we'll renew our contract. Enjoy the ride, dipshits!

If we want to write , we'll write. Hell, we might write it down and then burn it. We've done it before. It's our stuff, and we only share when we're paid, or when we fucking feel like it. How 'bout that! Enjoy the ride, dipshits! We know we said it twice. We liked it both times. Equally. We might even write it again.

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